Frequently Asked Questions


How do we remove the plastic cover?

Slightly twist the stick upwards to push it up, this will expose the edges of the plastic cover in which you should be able to gently remove.

How to avoid clumping under arms?

There's a number of methods that you can use, this includes, smoothing or dabbing a thin layer under the arm or just using your fingers!

See below for further instructions:

1. Hold the product against your skin to warm up and then apply a thin layer by either gliding across or dabbing it under your arms.

2. If too much deodorant has been applied (clumping), just rub it in with your fingers. Alternatively, instead of step 1) you may also use your fingers to get some MyAura and rub directly under your arms.

3.  Find what works for you and reapply as necessary as it is a natural deodorant!

Why doesn't it work like other deodorants?

It is important to highlight the difference between "deodorants" and "anti-perspirants" as they can be mistaken to be the same thing. 

The aim of deodorants is to neutralise sweat and bacteria under the arms, while an anti-perspirant works by clogging or blocking pores to prevent the release of sweat.  Deodorants are preferable because they don’t interfere with the natural cooling process of sweat!

MyAura is a deodorant made from natural and organically derived ingredients,
that is safe and gentle for your body. So much so, that you can eat it!
(Although we don't recommend doing this as it's probably not that tasty). 
Unlike other deodorants and anti-perspirants, it does not contain any preservatives
or other chemicals like aluminium and zinc that have been found to clog pores. 
All MyAura Deodorants will assist with neutralising body odour and absorbing 
some wetness, however, it is a natural deodorant so it may not last as long other deodorants with stronger chemicals.

How do we apply organic deodorant – Do we need to
armpit detox?

As everyone's body chemistry will vary, a number of factors may contribute to your personal body odour. This can be from diet, hormones, genetics, medical conditions and well, even your lifestyle! There is still a debate on armpit detoxing, but there is
no harm in cleansing and detoxing all the chemicals previously absorbed and rebuilding your skin flora! Natural deodorants, are just that- natural, so it aims to
work with your body chemistry!

Why isn't the packaging recyclable?

Unfortunately, at this stage we are still working to find the right technology
and packaging that will allow the product to remain fresh while also being environmentally friendly.

We are working hard with our teams to find solutions. So, stay tuned!